Why aerial photography?

Man has long yearned for a bird’s eye view of the land or sea below. I’m no exception and love getting airborne to help me get the shot I need. Even the most common or mundane subjects take on a new presence from the aerial perspective. To date I have been airborne in countless helicopters as well being tied into small fixed-wing aircraft with doors off, ultralights, a gyrocopter, paramotors and even hot air balloons – whatever it takes. Our most recent book, commissioned by the government of Guyana, was essentially a book of aerial photography in an effort to offer a fresh look to the country. Images, to make an impact, are best taken from a non-human perspective. Our vision of the world is, on average, from 4 to 6 feet above the ground and is one with which we are all very familiar. Shooting from a low angle, or from above can have a dramatic impact and significantly alter our appreciation of the subject.