Why underwater photography?

Remarkably the marine world is still largely undiscovered. I love the challenges that come with underwater photography, it is obviously a completely different technique shooting underwater as opposed to on land. I have a degree in marine zoology and it was always my first love. We need, collectively, to bust the myth that  “There are plenty more fish in the sea” and highlight the unsustainable and destructive fishing efforts around the world. Man will never stop eating fish. We need to support the fishing operators doing it right – with conservation in mind, and highlight those who are not. Apart from the conservation side it is quite simply incredible to be underwater, in a foreign realm surrounded by the sights and unique behaviours of the marine fauna. To date some of my underwater photography has been used by National Geographic, New York Times, SevenSeas, Ranger Rick, Terre Sauvage, Biographic, Scuba Diving Magazine and others.