Why human impact photography?

There is an old adage, “Out of sight out of mind.” which is very relevant in today’s society. There are an infinite number of negative impacts unleashed daily by humans, around the world, on the environment. I fail to understand why we allow such devastation, disrespect and irreversible damage, on our home, primarily for the personal financial gain of a very few individuals at a major cost to the rest of us. Collectively we seem to forget that we are ALL part of this greater system and are therefore each empowered with the right to determine the use of its natural capital. It pains me, for example, to allow multinationals or private logging concessions to destroy the Amazon Rainforest when all life is dependant on that same forest to provide basic life-support services generating oxygen, rain or sequestering carbon. Meanwhile our ‘Out of sight’ oceans are basically trashed. Human impact needs to be addressed. Rather than ignore the damage and threats I choose to document them photographically to bring the issues, vicariously through images, to those mentally or geographically removed from them. There is a butterfly effect – we are all connected.